…creative flair and a wonderful spirit of collaboration…

Simon Rowe Jazz Piano/Coordinator of Music Industry, MSUM

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Lighthouse1 Partner Conference Mayhem 2010 FM ChamberView Land Elements AC Muzik Virtual Expo
Lighthouse1 Partner Conference Lighthouse1 contacted Spider and Company to drive the creative work for their partner conference staging, event, web, and print work. Mayhem 2010 The annual Spider and Company soiree the chat and enjoy our favorite peeps and clients. FM ChamberView An innovative user managed content system for Fargo-Moorhead Chamber of Commerce members. Land Elements With branding and messaging from Mojo, this portfolio site educates and communicates the need for sustainable conceptual landscape work. AC Muzik Allen Carter came to us looking to revamp his site. We gave him the tools and training to maintain and deliver his essential training materials. Virtual Expo Can't fly to a conference? We'll bring it to you 24/7.
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